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For Jacksonville City Council at Large #5

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Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh

For City Council At Large #5


I’m Tub; a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, and Pastor. Oh! Also a candidate for City Council At Large #5.

Honestly, like many, I have not always been concerned about the dealings of city council. While I always kept up with “politics”, especially at the federal level, what happened downtown didn’t take much of my time.

Then, also like many, it did take my time as it started to personally affect me. Well, me and our church. We were thrust into the things of the “city”. Our church was shut down by the fire department because of permitting issues. Well, we fought back, and after four years, several processes, and thousands of dollars we are fully “legal”.

Going through all that forced me to learn a lot and start seeing more of what was going on downtown. The more I learned the more aggravated I got. The more aggravated I got the more I complained. This would be just fine except I fully believe and very often tell others, “You can’t complain and do nothing.”

I finally realized that statement applies to me also. So, running for city council is my effort to do something besides just complaining.

I figured it was time to get involved and become a representative for those that seemingly do not have any when it comes to matters of the city. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suddenly expecting all the people in Jacksonville to get involved and follow all the actions of government, although it would be nice, I do want you to know that if the time comes when you need someone that is involved, you can contact me and have some support and a voice.

A voice for Jax,

Jerry “Tub” Rorabaugh

    Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

    Abraham Lincoln



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