“Lesser taxes by less spending by holding government agencies accountable.”

I often suggest that we do not necessarily have a tax problem we have a spending problem. Government seems to keep spending and giving deals to corporations at the expense of the people. It’s time for fiscal responsibility.

I default to no unnecessary spending.


“You will never technically own your home under our current system. After you finish paying off the bank you will continually pay the government to live in it.”

I believe we should start the discussion on removing the government’s threat of stealing your property. Let’s find a way to remove property taxes. Further, we need to remove the recently implemented gas tax.

I default to keeping government from stealing your money.

Personal freedoms

“I need not defend your beliefs but merely the freedom for you to have them.”

It is not government’s place to legislate morality. While I may not personally agree with certain beliefs and actions I fully believe in an individual’s right to be able to live freely. Take marijuana for example, while I do not personally care to use it in any form I believe others should be allowed to.

I default to personal freedom…all the time.


“Get cops out of cars”

I personally am a supporter of police…there have been countless meals purchased for officers in restaurants. However, support does not go blindly. There are still police and crime issues in our city. I have come up with a plan called “Cops Out Of Cars” which gets officers involved with the people directly.

I default to giving the police what they need to do “true” police work


“I have a lot of opinions but they don’t matter.”
Jacksonville City Council is separate from the Duval County School Board.

I default to parents deciding what’s best for their children.

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